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    We represent the ARCA Regler GmbH for the Czech and Slovak Republics
    We represent the company ARCA Regler GmbH for the Czech and Slovak Republics. ARCA is manufacturer of control valves, pumps and cryogenic valves.
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    Chemically resistant ball valves
    To our delivery program was added valves of SS materials 1.4571 (316Ti) and 1.4404 (316L), with weld ends, threaded and flanged.
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    Solenoid valves GSR
    We offer a complete production program of company GSR Ventiltechnik.
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    Accessories for industrial valves
    Industrial valves we are supply with a wide range of accessories. Mounting brackets, adapters, switches, solenoid valves, positioners etc.
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    Pneumatic actuators with manual control - Manual override
    Remote Control pneumatic actuators can be supplied with a compact solution of manual control without large space requirements. The handwheel is part of a pneumatic actuator. It allow to lock the valve in any position. In the upper part of the drive is a space for mounting accessories. The handwheel can be used with single-acting and double-acting actuators.

Industrial valves Hradec Kralove

Company MARTECH-CORP. s. r. o. is based in Hradec Kralove and specializes in industrial valves which delivers to leading industrial, energy and chemical companies for more than 20 years. We offer the wide range for you to choose various types of industrial valves - flaps, valves, filters, ball valves and in our product range also are gate valves. According to customer requirements, we are able to deliver a single valve or provide a complete supply of industrial valves for projects running One Stop Shop. Industrial valves are supplied assembled with actuators and accessories, according to operational requirements. With the selection of a right solution will gladly advise our business department. Industrial valves - we are the true experts!

Control and On-off flaps, Check valves

The Flaps are closing or regulating element in the pipeline. We supply valves designed as Flanged, flangeless WAFER or LUG. In our supply program you can find flaps centric, double and triple offset, butterfly valves is sealed by rubber, PTFE or metal / metal in case of eccentric valves. The Flaps can be manually operated with lever or gearbox, pneumatic or electric actuators. To the valves we deliver a wide range of accessories according to customer requirements.

Control and On-off globe valves

The Globe valves On-off and control are supplied with manual, pneumatic or electric actuators. Market offer wide range of closing and control valves by that reason on our website you will find only the most common types of valves. According to your requirements we will offer you the best solution.

Ball valves

The Ball valve is shut-off valve. The ball valves are available in flanged, Wafer (flangeless), threaded and weld version. According to the operating conditions it can be supplied ball valve with soft seat or metal / metal seat. It can be operated manually, pneumatic or electric actuators. The ball valve can be supplied a wide range of accessories according to customer requirements.

Gate valves

The Gate valves is used to open or close the pipeline with the operating medium. Except to the classic gate valves we supply a knife gate valve. Method of use of these types of valves is different. Depending on your operating parameters we suggest the most suitable solutions and supply valve to suit your needs. Gate valves and knife gate valves can be operated manually or with pneumatic or electric actuators. Accessories is in accordance with the requirements and wishes of the client.